Why are most of the technology projects a nonsuccess or aborted? It is because either the organization pick up the wrong tools or their delivery is not at par. However, the former seems more appealing and relevant.

When we buy a product, we are not looking out for the product, we are looking out for the technology. And picking up the most correct technology is like picking up your child in the school uniform among the students wearing the same uniform. That means it is not a child’s play.

For example, a product may be available at a pretty costly price but it might also be available at a very cheap rate which may sound skeptical and there will be many other options in between too. So what points you need to ponder over before buying anything so that you may save yourself​ extra bucks or the regret after buying a stupidly expensive product.

For every product, there will be budget options available too and many products will have a bargain margin too. So in this discussion, we will enlist the dos and don’ts for your purchase.

Before going through the points, you must analyze and make a list of the features which you want in the product mandatorily and a different list for the features which can be ignored if not present. Suppose you have to buy a smartphone, but features like waterproofing​ and wireless charging​ may or may not be in your must-have list, but if you get these features within your budget then it’s like a cherry on the top. So you need to analyze the features according to your needs and requirement and they must fall within your budget limit too.

Do’s while purchasing the product

  • Analyze the technologies according to your needs and requirements.
  • Go for keen and profound web research about the product.
  • Try to get into touch with the existing customers who bought the same product, their reviews matter a lot. Two things need to be considered in this, first how many people bought the product. Second, what were their feedbacks. One thing more which needs to be considered in this is that the customers were satisfied with the customer service or not. Many a time, the product is at par but the customer service is where the drawback comes in.
  • You need to be aware of completely​ about the latest technology. For example, while getting yourself a laptop, does it have the latest version of the software and applications or not. The product you are about to buy has all the features or not.
  • You need to make yourself​ aware of the latest technology in the market. But you need to understand that this technology is also replaceable in a matter of time. It should be latest that’s it.
  • If you are purchasing online, then you need to make sure that the site and product are genuine. The product should not be a second hand one if you desire to buy a brand new one.
  • Compare the prices at various websites and buy the best option to save yourself​ a few extra bucks.
  • If you get a cheaper and a better option, go for it, provided it should not be cheap in quality as well.


  • Don’t get fooled by the super expensive price tags which look luscious but are not. And those will only create holes in your pockets and a regret later on.
  • Never compromise with quality and trust.
  • If your need is fulfilled with a substandard and not the latest technology, you should settle for that as that is what you need. For example, if you want to buy a laptop and after much exploring, your requirements are fulfilled by an i3 processor then you should go for the same instead of thinking about the latest technology which may or may not be useful for you. This will be a budget buy for yourself.

At least one should focus on one’s requirements and needs before buying any product and make a must-have list of all the features to be included in that and the plan accordingly. One should neither buy an over-expensive product nor a cheap product. Last but not least, one should not compromise with the product quality.



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