In the modern era, automation has changed everything. The advancement in technology has changed the working environment and lifestyle of people in several different ways. The classic machines are developed by human brain. The software is based on hardware of the system and hardware needs a service engineer for its maintenance. Physical devices need physical people and this gives the field service engineer all the attention in the market.

Field service management refers to the management of the resources of service providers are basically deployed at the property of clients. Engineering technicians which assist in maintenance of the system, provide service repairs and has knowledge to design equipment to utilize all of the machinery components. These technicians are field service engineers who are recruited by service providers or work directly with the client who own such products, so customer service skills are also crucial.

Importance of Field Service Engineers

The engineers in the field of service works to install electrical, electronic, and engineering equipment products. They establish and maintain proper business relationships with customers and peers to perform necessary administrative duties as assigned by the authority. The service providers need to check power supply, physical damage, solutions to technical problems, therefore, the role of service engineer is vital in the technical world. The service providers also schedule maintenance on equipment and supervise technicians to prevent malfunctions.

Skills required by Field Service Engineer

  • Mechanical skills
  • Installation knowledge
  • Good communication
  • Problem solving and clear thought process
  • Alertness and mindfulness at the time of work
  • Degree in engineering is the main requirement
  • Associate degrees combined with vocational training certificate

Importance of Field Service Engineer

From the business point of view, permanent damage of a system can cost from about 1000 pounds to 10,000 pounds which is quite large. To cope up with the organisation’s loss and related financial problems, a crisis manager is required for betterment in the condition.

The expert checks the functioning of the machine and whether it is giving the desired output or not. They also dismantling the machine to check the damaged part, overhaul the machine and oil all the parts with replenishment of any fluid, as it reduces friction thus reducing wear in the machine.

The other psychological advantage of having a field service engineer in the company is to avoid the feeling of isolation as people are always surrounded by machine. The technicians are adept at repair work while the field engineers are the ones who make modification in the machines. They also improve the overall performance and efficiency.

Service engineer needs to review each machine on a regular basis, so that they can find fault, errors and rectify it so as to avoid any major issues in the future. They have to be well versed and prepared with the user manual. The service and repair provided by them is fast. They also work in team and create a huge impact on the economy.

Service Engineer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Planning of the service work in advance so the output of the factory is not affected by the service work.
  • They work in teams and create detailed reports on all the work that is done on each machine
  • They have to ensure that any parts that need replacing are available in stock and conduct safety checks on all the machines to avoid danger for the workers.
  • They have to keep an inventory list of equipment required for the repair work. Moreover, service engineers have to know about all the latest machinery that is available in the market


The service engineer job is to service and work on all the machinery present in a manufacturing unit. Their work reduces the overall costs of the organization and prolongs the life of expensive machinery. A good engineer is one who genuinely loves to work with machines. They are tech savvy people. They have to inspect all the machines and make reports for the management reviewing the required machinery. They work as the backbone of the system.





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