Field Service Engineers do installation, repairing or maintenance of machines and equipment, which can be related to any sector.

They perform their duties of repairing and installation work at clients home or office. A field engineer works with both the private and public sectors to deliver their services. The major responsibility of the service engineer is to access the information related to problem and fix the machinery.

There are certain tasks, which a Field Service Engineer performs:

  • Interacting with the clients and help to solve their issues
  • Installation of any new software or hardware equipment
  • Keeping all records of any purchased equipment’s
  • Thorough checkup of any existing problems

Also, certain skill sets are required to be a field service engineer:

  • Good mechanical skills
  • A person should be able to work in both scenarios as alone or with a team
  • Should have sound knowledge about both computer’s software and hardware
  • Comfortable to travel on a frequent basis
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Always self-motivated
  • Possess problem-solving abilities
  • Organized and proactive skills
  • Always be able to understand client needs

IT Field Engineer

The IT field engineer is no different from any other field engineer who is the supporting framework for specialist working on software development firms, software training companies or any hardware manufacturing companies.

IT / End-user engineer meets the customer and handles the defect of any product or any program related issue. Handling all inquiries through phone, email or in person with the customer.

They should have good communication skills, good decision power ability and able to help others. Identifying any computer hardware or software issue and using the knowledge and experience they have, gives them the ability to make a quick decision which helps them to resolve any issue alone or they would know if there is a need for some other help.

The service engineer handles the client issues and trains them on how to install any software and handle all network systems. End-user specialists must obtain good interpersonal and technical skills. If any network issue arises, they can troubleshoot the problem accurately and deal with it patiently and handles all technical issue to resolve them.

Field service management tools and techniques

Field service management manages all the activities in a field service organization. Asset management software helps to manage all assets and services. It handles the management of assets to inventory. The software handles the allocation of resources and billing tools.

Managing all activities, worker activities, scheduling and dispatching of work and integrating inventory activities, billing and any other back-office issue.

Field service management is needed by companies to manage installation, any service or repair of the system.

Field service management should be able to obtain certain requirements:

  • Meeting customer expectations and delivering them services immediately
  • Utilizing the full use of the equipment’s, as it is expensive if not used.
  • Monitoring field employees to reduce productivity
  • Taking care of the safety of drivers and their vehicles while being on the job.

How does a field service engineer works with customer service?

Field service engineer understands the technical information provided by a particular product or service by the organization and handles both product services while taking development responsibility.

They perform many customer service tasks like:

  • Answering to all customer phone calls
  • Resolving all client problems
  • Preparing all documentation
  • Testing all the equipment’s
  • Training the customers on installation
  • Helping the technicians
  • Making sure to visit the client and give them door-to-door service
  • Sharing feedback on any product development

History of the field service engineer

Field service engineers are employed by the companies to keep track of systems and the equipment smoothly. All the mechanical and electrical installations and their repairs are handled through computer hardware equipment. Assessing the issue and repair them is the main responsibility of any field service engineer.

Field service engineer handles the maintenance of equipment’s and supervises the technicians. They travel to the client’s location to diagnose the problem and help them with the solution to handle the problem.

Filed service engineer main job is to create tasks and troubleshoot the issue. Performing all emergency services to the client and write detailed technical reports is important.

There are different types of field services like:

  • Repairing

    If any machine is broken or is not working properly, a service engineer visits the client location and solves the problem.

  • Maintenance

    It is one of the preventive parts of Field Service. Before any equipment has an issue, having proper maintenance helps to eliminate any issue. To eliminate any future issue, field engineers try to replace certain parts and do all the inspection of the equipment.

  • Installation

    When a customer buys any equipment, they need help to install it. Field service engineer help to install and put the machine in a fully operational way.

How Field Service Engineer manages the company without knowing the culture of the company?

A field service engineer has the ability to work in any changing circumstances in the company even if they are on a contract basis also. They have the skill to multi-task all activities and share productive results even if there is any work pressure from the company.

They always prefer to work independently and are always resourceful with strong time management skills. Handling all the decision making related to work and resolving all the issues with creative ideas to the customer.

Possessing analytical, interpersonal and communication skills to understand any issue helps them to resolve and give services to the client. Also, they keep all up to date customer service entries and service records on a timely basis. Maintaining communications with their customers and following up with them in regular time.

Most field service engineer has good communication skill and customer service skill to maintain healthy contact between the company and the customer. They always tend to work outside the office to conduct their duties repairing, maintenance, and showing customers how to install the products.

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