What is VR?

Virtual Reality (VR) is the use of Computer technology for creating a simulated environment. A simulated environment is a modification in the actual environment or a computer-generated environment which more or less resembles the natural environment. It can be a three-dimensional graphics by a computer system using interactive Software and Hardware. The virtual reality is a hypothetical three-dimensional world that is seen by a person assumed to be a natural environment using special goggles or a device known as Head-mounted display or HMD worn by the person. The environment which we see can be an augmented one or a completely hypothetical one. In Augmented Reality or AR, the modifications are made in the actual existing environment. VR technology is used in various places such as gaming, surgery, etc. The VR effect is usually created by VR headsets consisting of Head-mounted display with a small screen in front of the eyes but can also be created through specially designed rooms with multiple large screens.

Advantages of VR technology

– Little or no risk of failure

– Critical medical conditions can be treated without actually using a living model.

– Leisure traveling. For instance, a person can visualize the mesmerizing view of the snow Cladded Mountains without actually leaving the comfort of his home.

– In Gaming, a person will be able to move actively unlike other video games that make a person stone mounted.

– The scenarios which are produced using VR are quite realistic and almost accurate.

– This method is quite innovative and enjoyable. People learn how to adapt to a new environment.

– In some psychiatric cases, like claustrophobia, people are treated using HMD devices where they are transported to a completely different world surrounded by people which will enable them to overcome the fear.

Disadvantages of VR technology

– Expensive. This technology​ is way expensive which can’t be afforded by a common man.

– A person gets completely cut off from the surroundings as he starts to live in the hypothetical world.

– The technology is quite complex so people may not be able to handle it efficiently.

Where can we use VR technology?

  1. Gaming

The immense use of VR technology is used in the field of gaming. People are transferred to a completely different 3 D world which helps them to play efficiently.

  1. Medical

The surgery fellow students can learn from this technology as they might not be able to get their hands-on practice on critical cases in surgery. With the help of this technology, surgical procedures for several critical​ and rare cases can be studied and performed on plastic models.

  1. Patients with serious psychological illness

Patients suffering from several psychological problems such as claustrophobia and agoraphobia can be treated with the help of this technology.

  1. Military Training

Young trainees can be trained using this amazing technology. Artificial military environments​ and intense training will be helpful for them to learn and adapt.

Can Virtual Reality take over the real world?

VR technology is quite useful but in the long process, it will isolate the person and make him alone. He would​become anti-social. It will make the person lazy as he will not take initiative for getting out and going in public. Besides, practitioners will not be able to get their hands on real and live examples. So, if used for a limited time, this technology can prove wondrous but if exploited, it may prove useless and may render the person alone. But if used wisely, this technology is one of the biggest innovations so far. Since every coin has two sides, this technology has also pros and cons. It all depends upon how we use it according to our needs and requirements. Technology should never be overused.

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