Have we become hostages to our phones?

While life is objectively better nowadays, many studies report that people are suffering more health wise and the heart of wellbeing ratio lays on the intensely emerging technologies and its new life implications.‘Wellbeing’ becomes one of the hottest topics in our life over the past decade, and according to Brand Health Tracker Program (2018), almost Continue Reading

How On-Demand Services Are Important?

Over the past few years, companies whether large scale or small scale, have started availing on-demand services instead of developing an in-house team to do a certain task. This allows them to take advantage of tons of benefits that include efficiency, accuracy, lower cost and a lot more. But before knowing about the benefits, it Continue Reading

How Technology is evolving for driverless mobility??

With greater prosperity and improved life experiences of the people positive investments were made for the development of driverless mobility with present technology. The world is a place full of diversity and complexity which must be understood as per the needs of the today’s generation. Many engineers and scientists are passionate to make a difference Continue Reading