Have we become hostages to our phones?

While life is objectively better nowadays, many studies report that people are suffering more health wise and the heart of wellbeing ratio lays on the intensely emerging technologies and its new life implications.‘Wellbeing’ becomes one of the hottest topics in our life over the past decade, and according to Brand Health Tracker Program (2018), almost Continue Reading

Rise of the Mobile On-Demand Economy

The On-Demand economy is growing at a very fast pace. In the present scenario, Mobile On-Demand Economy is reshaping the world. The benefits of this system are accuracy, timely delivery and reasonable cost which has made it in the priority list of everyone. The recently glooming mobile applications have promoted the On-Demand economy above expectations. Continue Reading

Extended Reality: The future of technology

Despite being a fairly new technology, augmented reality technology is being heavily used on social media as well as gaming industries. Under this technology, the real world view gets a few overlays that can make your life easier, for example, you might have seen movies where texts and images are displayed on the HUD present Continue Reading

How On-Demand Services Are Important?

Over the past few years, companies whether large scale or small scale, have started availing on-demand services instead of developing an in-house team to do a certain task. This allows them to take advantage of tons of benefits that include efficiency, accuracy, lower cost and a lot more. But before knowing about the benefits, it Continue Reading

Data Mining: You’re Revealing More Than You Think

Data Mining:  You’re Revealing More Than You Think The word data is used in every field these days. Most of the companies are presenting their big data, data analytics, data privacy, data warehouse, data lake and much more related information. At the center of data mania, there is data mining which is shifting of all Continue Reading

Get the All on Demand Service by One Click

Get the All on Demand Service by One Click To provide services by one click, an Internet-based intelligent platform application is available in the modern world. The process to complete the given task starts automatically as soon as the command is given. It has a quick response system with high accuracy at a low cost. This service Continue Reading

Virtual Reality

What is VR? Virtual Reality (VR) is the use of Computer technology for creating a simulated environment. A simulated environment is a modification in the actual environment or a computer-generated environment which more or less resembles the natural environment. It can be a three-dimensional graphics by a computer system using interactive Software and Hardware. The Continue Reading

Why tech support is important?

Why tech support is important? The tech support team has various roles and responsibilities to complete the given task appropriately. The tech culture needs proper public relations and rules to maintain them. The job of a tech support worker is a desk-based job that includes most of the day on the phone or emailing customers Continue Reading

Artificial Intelligence & the Future – Rise of AI

Artificial Intelligence & the Future – Rise of AI The Artificial Intelligence is the future of the world and it will drive the economy of tomorrow. This technique uses Fuzzy logic and Neural Network-based approaches. Neural Network is a biologically derived technique that has three layers in which; the first layer is the input layer Continue Reading

Is Customer Satisfied With Cost or Quality

Customer experience is the customer’s perception of their experience with the organization or brand. Customer experience plays a crucial role in the sales of any product. It determines how good the product was or how good the service was. Sometimes the product quality is up to the mark but the delivery is delayed or the Continue Reading