When it comes to serving your customers efficiently then it is not just about having the technical skills but an employee should also know how to input and balance the emotions in their sieves. Thus, it makes technical skills and personality as the two main components of an employee to deliver the best and satisfactory services. Being short on any one of these two will be a deal of great loss and effects the services for the customers. That is why a lot of companies today make sure that their employees have both the skills for which they test them through different kinds of evaluation tests. This helps them in hiring the best employees to serve their customers.

Given below are some essential tips for hiring the most efficient employees:  

Evaluating the skills of the candidates

  • Knowledge of systems –

    The first and basic thing that comes when you are evaluating a candidate is that they should know to work on different systems or their respective systems. However, while assessing any candidate, you should test them if they are capable enough to work on their respective systems. Like, a candidate for cloud management team should be able to work on cloud programs as well as should know how to troubleshoot the issues or if you are hiring them for online tech support then they should know to work on remote access programs, etc.

  • Conduct an on-site test – Having the knowledge of their respective systems is not enough, you should also test them that how much they capable to work on those systems. You can keep it as the second stage of the interview which will be conducted after the screening. Since they would have already told you the area of their knowledge, so you can conduct an onsite test for them. Ask them to design program or anything related to their respective job profiles. It will help them in evaluating how good they are in practical and how many attempts they take to do a particular task given because the lesser is better.
  • Advice regarding problems – A good service provider should always be good with giving advice to their customers and it doesn’t matter they are small or big. So, your candidates should also be tested for this skill too. For evaluating these sills, you can give them a situation in which they will be asked to give advice and solution to the customer. Their solution should not be just a problem solver but it should also be satisfactory enough for the customers.

Measuring the personality traits of the candidates  

  • Punctuality –

    A good serviceman should always be punctual as it won’t be a good impression on the customers of your company when they reach late on the site or their home to provide the services, especially when they are in a hurry. If your clients are big businessmen or even a firm then it is very important that your employee reaches on time to troubleshoot the issues because these kinds of clients can’t afford to wait for too long. The basic tip to test whether your candidate is punctual or not is to check the time they are coming to the office for screening, interview and different stages of the interview. A punctual candidate will always come before the given time.

  • Positive Attitude –

    It is very important that your employees should have a positive attitude because it doesn’t just help them in giving satisfying services but also they tend to perform better with the team. A candidate with positive attitude handles the remarks given to them very smoothly and responsibly. You can ask your candidate different questions to test their level of positive attitude like give them a situation and ask them how they will handle it. For instance, ask them how they would react if a customer is continuously complaining while they are giving service at their location. Their answer will pretty much explain how positive their attitude is and also how they would react in any such situation.

  • Communication with customer – Another important personality trait is a good communication skill, especially with the customers. If they are not polite or have communicative etiquette’s to deal with customers then it would affect the name of your company and also customer may give a negative remark on online review forums. So, it is very important that your candidate is really very good at communicating with customers even when they are in stress. To evaluate this skill, you can set a dummy call test or dummy meeting with the customer for the candidate in which they will have to talk to the customer as they would do in real and you can check how they are responding in the given situation.

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