If you don’t trust cloud, what else can you trust?

In the present data driven world, securing data or digital assets are given the highest priority. Data thieves are active everywhere and trying to hack any system continuously. In present generation of cloud which comes with the feature of anywhere anytime access plus unlimited storage capacity, data privacy and security is still a challenging task. Many giant players like IBM, Microsoft, Apple and Google offer cloud storage to their users for better and secure services. Still, privacy of data is still under suspicion. Most of the corporate and privacy concerned individuals are very cautious while opting for public cloud storage that shows lack of trust of masses on cloud. Here are some the reasons.

  1. Cloud servers are servers operated by someone. While choosing for this service, users are ultimately storing their digital assets at somewhere else’s location.
  2. Users don’t have full access of the server where they are uploading their files. Also don’t have a control on security and monitoring of the service
  3. Cloud servers are accessible by multiple people whom the user doesn’t know. Also many users are there which makes them a more appealing target by many hackers who are continuously making efforts to break the security.
  4. Larger services are most susceptible to be watched by government agencies and regulatory bodies that can create unwanted accesses and issues.

Conclusively, it can be said that by opting for cloud server, users are keeping their digital assets at someone else’s place and surrendering their control to them. Also, they are opting for a highly targeted service with absolutely no personal control and monitoring.

Therefore, cloud servers and storage are not as effective as they are assumed to be. Better option is to try other alternatives that provide more security. Here are some.

    1. Keep data local: The best option to avoid risk of cloud storages is simply doesn’t use it. It sounds funny while reading this suggestion, but no other best way is there to provide maximum security. Instead users can opt for using secure encrypted hard drives, encrypted flash drives or pen drives for storage of their assets and store these at a very secure location. While this option will stop user for accessing his data anywhere anytime.

    2. Use dedicated servers, more secure options: Business and users who need more privacy can choose for dedicated server with enhanced security and support. One must check their terms & conditions, working way and security considerations. Also, there are various more customizable and secure service provider are there like SpiderOak, Next cloud etc. that provide higher security options. IT giants like Google, IBM, GoDaddy, Microsoft etc. also provide dedicated server with enhanced security and control features.
    3. Network Attached Storage (NAS): In simple words, NAS devices are like hard drives with larger spaces that are connected to a network. Connecting an external storage device is outdated now, the time is for NAS. Using NAS, not only user can avail extra storage space that is much secure and private, but also can access them anywhere anytime using internet network. Let’s discuss in details
    4. Own Private Cloud: Contrast to cloud storage services which provides anytime anywhere accessibility facility by renting some space at someone else’s location, NAS provides same functionality without hauling data at somewhere else. Thus, it is more secure and private. In simple words, NAS devices can be termed as users’ own private cloud at their own place and with full control on every aspect.

    5. Additional protection with RAID: Raid stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks; A NAS can also protect the data stored on it by being configured to support RAID. It involves essentially two or more hard-drives connected to add extra redundancy i.e. a backup in case on storage unit gets fail.

    6. Automatic Backup: Everyone should keep a backup of all of their digital contents and assets for recovery from any system damage or hack. Using NAS, user can configure its settings for automatic backup which let them feel assure and safe of any data damage. They have a backup. Moreover, NAS comes with feature of real-time implication i.e. as soon as user make change in any of his document at his PC, his changes are stored at a same time at NAS backup.

  1. Assured protection in case of system failure: There are many cases when system’s storage has been broken or ruined by any physical agents like sometimes spilling of a drink can ruin the entire system. As NAS comes up with its own OS and are network connect, it makes them safe even in case of damage of hard-drive or storage of system. Also, NAS have in-built feature for encryption (depend on from where user has purchased) which provide user an addition security shield from eyes of hackers.
  2. Easy Setup: Setting up NAS is as simple as setting any broadband or internet router. User can fix NAS with their system or network with simple and user friendly web interfaces. Many manufactures also provide mobile application for setting up the device and server that make the overall NAS setup very easy.
  3. Own media server: With drop-box or other cloud servers, user can’t use them as media server while with NAS user can set their own media server and use them effectively.

For achieving more privacy objectives with highly secure anytime anywhere accessibility, NAS is the best alternative to other available cloud storage. At present when people are aware of data thefts and want to shield themselves from any cyber crime, they should choose NAS.

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