How to create magical experience for your customers.

Emotionally attached customers are considered as three times more likely to recommend a product to other and return to make another purchase. Only magical customer experience can bind the customer to any company or enterprise and make them to act as market influencer. As any industry expert can tell, customer experience is key to success. Every minute detail counts while grading customer experience that begins with the first impression about any company till the last experience. Disney, known for its high rate of customer loyalty (nearly around 70%) and success in theme parks, Apple for its innovation, Uber in rental car and taxi domain, etc., give much stress on customer-oriented approach as only customers can make them win. So, let’s discuss some of ways to create magical customer experience.

  1. Create Delightful Customer Experience: For creating delightful customer experience, every minute thing and process must be properly tailored to enhance customer satisfaction. Take an instance of Starbucks which trains it staff for creating delightful experience for customer from the first day of training by creating high-energy positive environment and personalizing each customer visit. Visit their store for the first time and get welcomed by high-energized staff. If it’s for second time, barista may even remember name, face and order of customer. Thing to point out here is companies should train their staff in such a way that they can create delightful and personalized customer experience to build emotional bond.
  2. Be Consistent:

To exceed customer expectations, keeping the consistency is a great way. Every time a person visits Dominos or McDonald’s and order his favorite food he will find the same taste and services, no matter if it’s same store or a different one. It develops trust and attachment among customers for the brand.  Not only this, company should focus on focused business policies and training of front-end staff to demonstrate consistent company values and mission. Consider example of Disney that trains its employee at orientation on their for keys- Safety, Courtesy, Show and Efficiency, to ensure consistent practices across the company.

  1. Listen them:

Only by listening to their customers, companies can get insights about customer experiences and can make strategy for improvements. While listening to the feedback’s, if customer is provided with any another services, small gift or fee waiver, customer does not only feel valued, but also somewhere convinced to become brand ambassador in an indirect way. Also, companies should take every feedback seriously and let their customer know how they have been attentionally listened.

  1. Speedy Customer Support: A fast committed customer support team is required for proper customer support and problem resolution. Companies are required to have small response time to attain the customer loyalty. Depending on size of business, sometimes it takes a lot of time for problem resolution that in turns harms brand reputation. Companies should train their staff and optimize the overall process to provide more efficient customer support services. Also, customer satisfaction should be focused more especially when there is any problem resolution required.
  2. Stay updated: To create magical customer experiences, it’s very important to stay updated with current customer-pleasing technology and trends. Also, while keeping company’s vision, mission and morals at the core, it should also work for innovating new ways to enhance customer satisfaction. Newness, if pleasant, always builds more attraction to customer loyalty. Companies should also stay updated with all the trends in their focused niche and workout effectively with their team to innovate and adopt new techniques for holding more customers.
  3. Create Magic Moments: The moments on receiving unexpected customer services that can make customer to “Wow” can be defined as “Magic moments”. It’s not all about extra discount or excellent customer service, it’s all about an act of genuine care that customer feels. Any small gift, sometime just words, a gesture of kindness or reorganization of your returning customers will make them feel valued. One should remember that the prime goal is to give at-least a single reason to customer talk about.

Anyone can create magical experiences for their customers just by taking care of every minute thing.

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