How much money does an IT Technician make?


IT or Information Technology is the fastest growing industry in the modern era. The ever evolving nature of this industry is highly complicated but companies provide good compensation for the work. There are a variety of jobs in this sector based on your individual skills. IT sector offers great economical benefits to employees without any physical labor. There a lot of IT jobs that don’t require a degree to verify your skills. This means that if you are good at some kind of computer related process, you won’t be required to show a degree related to it, your skills are enough. Nearly all of these jobs offer promotion for which you might need some sort of extra certification but that isn’t necessary in all the cases.

Mentioned below are some high paying jobs in IT sector all over Europe.

IT Support


IT support is one of the basic jobs offered by IT firms. The basic work of an IT support employee is to look after the maintenance of the computers and networking in the firm. They have to install and configure all the computers in the firm. They have to diagnose problems in the system and solve it as soon as possible. IT support employee generally works for 9 hours a day and is free from work most of the time and the salary paid annually to an IT support employee can range from € 40000 to € 57000 which is more than a fair remuneration considering the nature of the job. There is no specific degree requirement in this job but you should have logical reasoning, good IQ and problem solving skills.

Software engineer


A software engineer is someone who applies his coding skills to design, maintain and develop a program. A software engineer should be familiar with multiple programming languages and should be able to test and debug programs. A software engineer should have a good logical reasoning as well. Being a software engineer requires a bachelor degree in the related field. Although if you are an extra ordinary coder and your skills are good, then firms may hire you even without a degree. A software engineer in Europe may earn anywhere from € 65,000 – € 80,000 an year by working in an office for 8-9 hours a day.

Web developers


Daily task of a web developer involves maintaining, designing and troubleshooting websites. They should be familiar with HTML, java scripts, HTML5 etc to be eligible for a job you should have a degree or an equivalent course in relation to web development in order to score this job. This job requires you to be attentive and have a good logical reasoning, problem solving skills, analytical skills as well. This is also a well paying job with package ranging from € 83000 to a massive € 87000. This is basically a desk job and there is no requirement of physical labor.

Data modeler

The job of a data modeler is pretty complex as they have the responsibility to model out all the data of a firm. These IT professionals are data analysts and their job is to translate the complex business data into a computer understandable form. They work with data architects in order to design databases that can be used by the respective organization by using physical, conceptual and logical data models. Pursuing this job requires at least a bachelor degree in this field along with experience. The job is basically a desk job and you can get paid up to an average of € 90,000.

Project manager


A project manager is a high rated post in IT sector, which requires IT skills along with, managerial and leadership skills. The nature of this job is to manage a project for your firm. You will have to plan out strategy and will have to arrange the entire necessary requirement within the allotted budget. This is a very complex job and requires a lot of analytical thinking, reasoning, problem solving ability along with basic managerial skills like administration, leadership, planning, budgeting etc. These can be said as the head of a particular project. Hence they can earn a hefty salary of up to € 1,200,000 in Europe.

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