How can I switch to IT role? 

Nowadays, IT industry is considered as one of the most booming industries and creating good employment opportunities in different categories. If you are from non-IT sector field and considering transitioning your job role then IT sector is the best option as it is not just limited to web designing and coding but this industry is like a vast ocean of different opportunities. With required knowledge and skills, you can enter into job roles like server installation expert, IT framework manager, desktop repair professionals, troubleshooting technicians and a lot more which may be perfect for your skills and desires as well.

Since the IT sector is pretty much a vast sector and offers a lot of job roles with enough aggrandizement, so it is obvious if you feel confused about which one to go with. However, here are some popular and best job roles for fresher to enter into the sector.

  1. IT Infrastructure Management – This job profile is a big responsibility as in this you have to oversee not just technical but also managerial aspects of any organization. This job role is offered by all kinds of firms that have an IT department in their system. It is more like to work simultaneously on both roles that are planning the infrastructure as well as directing your IT team. Since it includes managerial work, it is a good option for those who are shifting from the management sector with skills like managerial knowledge, communication skills, problem solving skills, leadership skills, focus, etc.

Skills required –

The job wouldn’t be possible without major technical skills like having knowledge of cloud Security, computer networking, Next Generation Firewalls, data organization, Collaborations, Malware Sand boxing, Mobile Device Management, Data Center Switching, Software Defined WANs, etc.

Certifications one can do to get this job

In order to educate yourself and hone your skills you can go for the certification courses like Certified Information Systems Security Professional, Certified IT Architect, Certified Cloud Architect, Information Technology Infrastructure Library, etc.

  1. Server Installation Expert – this is one of the best job roles if you want to give a kick start to your career as a fresher in IT industry. In this job role, you have to look after everything from installation to testing, configuration and management of server in any firm.This could be on a local server or public network which depends upon what your particular firm deals in.

Skills required –

For this job role, you need some skills like database skills, good programming skills, DevOps, Linux, Information Security, Quality Assurance, etc.

Certifications –

You will also need some good and validated certification for this job profile like Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) 2016 and 2012 certification, MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) etc.

  1. Network Engineer – this kind of job role can be for networking hardware engineer and networking designer. In a broader sense, a job with this profile includes setting up of the network, maintaining, upgrading and administering it. You will be managing and administering the networks of any firm.However, this job includes both on-site and off-site services. For instance, you can administer and manage the networks of any firm right from their place but you can also do it from your office that is far away from your customer or client’s location or in other words, you can also provide remote services of networking.

Skills required –

You will need some specific skills to be a networking engineer like brief and specialized networking knowledge, planning, onsite and offsite problem-solving skills, and communication skills.

  1. Certifications To perform better and seek a good position, you can take up certification courses like Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician and Cisco Certified Network Professional Level (CCNP) certification, VMware Certified Professional 6 etc.

Troubleshooting technician – This job profile is also referred to as a technical support expert. This job role calls for providing needed assistance to the customers in resolving their problems related to desktop, laptop, any software, printer, wi-fi, etc. If you have some knowledge of Help Desk Support then it will be easier for you to switch to this job profile of IT sector.

Skills required –

To work as a tech support expert, you need both technical as well as non-technical skills like communication skills, patience, the solving problem under pressure, etc. because you have to deal directly with customers and clients while troubleshooting their issues. You should also have good personal skills.

Certification –

You may have to get some certifications to perform your best like Microsoft 365, IT Support Certificate by Microsoft, Linux+ and A+ by CompTIA etc. to validate your skills. You will need deeper technical knowledge and skills to serve your clients.

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