How can I gain IT skills after 20 years of non IT career

After working for 20 years or more on a non-IT job role, a lot of people are facing the crisis for getting lower job profiles than what they deserve and some even have to face the situation of unemployment. There is nothing wrong with non-IT job profiles but it is mere an effect of world transforming into more digital and technologically advanced place where IT sector is most flourished and undoubtedly will be expanding even more in the upcoming future. That is the sole reason why people want to slip into IT sector, even after working in non-IT sector for a considerable time.

How is it possible to switch from non-IT to IT sector?

The problem with a person who has worked in non-IT sector for such a long time is little or no technological knowledge. A lot has changed and added into this modern and technologically advanced world which a person has to learn before they enter in the IT sector, at least the sufficient basics. With lack of proper technical know-hows, people have to work in bars and restaurants, as cab drivers, etc. which might be way less than what experience and potential they hold.

But, it is not actually an option that they enroll themselves into a college and restart their career as an IT fresher. Rather, they could just continue by upgrading their current non-IT skills accordingly with certifications and courses of IT sector like Data Centre Administration, System Certification, etc. It will take only 3-6 months to complete these training courses, after which, they can easily enter the IT industry. They might have to work for 2-3 years on 1st – 2nd level support but after gaining sufficient experience, one can upgrade to professional job roles.

Different kinds of non-IT job profiles and how they can switch to IT sector:

Supply Chain Manager – Supply Chain Management, an important part of marketing sector have now been widely overtaken by bar codes, SAPs and other technological options. If you have been working as a Supply Chain Manager and have experience of years then it would be easier for you to enter the IT sector. All you need is higher certifications in SAP manufacturing processes which you can get by training courses of SAP, ERP or integrated SAP-ERP courses. You can consider certification courses like SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP Ariba Contracts, SAP Business by Design, SAP Sales Cloud 1811, SAP ERP Certification, Oracle Financials Cloud: Receivables 2019 Certified Implementation Specialist, etc.

Sketching Designer – People who have core skills of sketching can also enter the IT field very easily. Skills and knowledge included in sketching or drawing are of great use in IT sector like you can be a graphic designer, Photoshop artist, etc. For these profiles, you could start by training yourself on modern software in which you have to work on screens and graphic drawing pad. You can learn these advanced skills by certification programs like Advanced Certification in Digital Illustration, Adobe InDesign CC, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Animate CC, etc.

Delivery Boy –Some people may think that a delivery boy may never get into professional IT field but the fact is there are various profiles for them on-site as well. You can become a computer technician, lab assistant, etc. However, companies also offer certificates for same job profiles which you can get in order to train yourself with basic knowledge. You can get certifications like Laboratory Technician Diploma – CPD Accredited, Technical Certificate for Modern Apprenticeship, Diploma in Internet Security Management, Personal Computer Fundamentals Online Training, Computer Operating and Troubleshooting Diploma, etc. With experience at 1st or 2nd level job profiles, you can easily get jobs at higher levels of IT service desk management.

Marketing Manager – Marketing Manager with good experience and knowledge of market can enter IT sector with the profile of Digital Marketing Manager. Since this profile needs two core skills i.e. managerial skills and technical knowledge of contemporary world so, it would be an easy to switch for a non-IT Marketing Manager. However, you should have basic knowledge of HTML & CSS, Data Analytics & Querying, UX/UI, WordPress, Marketing Automation, Editing basics, MS-Office Skills, etc. You can consider some certificate courses like Google Digital Unlocked, Google Search Advertising AdWords Certification, Google Mobile Advertising Certification, Google Analytics Course, etc. to add to your skills and boost your changes to grab a job.

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