Issue got fixed in less than an hour. Can I get refund?

We charge for minimum of 1 hour for our service. Prorata refund is not possible. However, if you and the engineer agree to additional tasks within that hour, you will not be charged for additional job.

My location is not visible.

We regularly keep on updatating our locations based on demands. If you would like to add your location to the system, please send us an email on [email protected]

Do you offer long term contracts?

Yes, we do offer long term contracts. Please get in touch with our sales team at [email protected]

My company uses Managed IT Services. Can I book?

If your company uses Manged IT Services i.e. your IT services are different to standard IT services, you can still book services using our platform. Please mention company managed device when making the booking in notes. You may also need to contact your company IT service desk / help desk and tell them the time our engineer will be on site.

Cancellation and Refunds

When can I expect my refund

Refunds are automatically generated once you cancel the booking. The refund may take around 3-5 business days to reflect on your account.

I need to cancel my booking

You can cancel a booking from your account. No cancellation is charged if cancelled before 24 hours from the appointment.


What is job sheet?

Job sheet is the summary of work done on site at the time of booking. Every booking has a job sheet attched to it. You will get your job sheet once you sign it on your email. Please read the job sheet carefully before signing.

Service Provider Registration

Are certifications mandatory?

Certifications are not mandatory but adds value to your profile. We can only showcase your profile once we are assured you have relevant skills and experience to handle a situation. Certifications provide legitimacy to your profile.

What is Security Clearance?

Some of our clients prefer engineers with security clearance and some not. This helps the client to choose which engineer they select. There can be different levels of security clearance which you can get from your local police. Duftar, under certain circumstances may help in sponsoring a security clearace if requested by the client for particular engineer.

My profile is not visible.

The registration process is not automatic. Someone from the talent team may contact you for a short interview to verify your details and qualification. There may be an online test or video interview.  Once satisfied, and all formalities have been completed, your profile will be visible on the platform.

My email shows already registered

If you have made a booking previously your email has been registered as a customer. To register yourself as service provider, please use a different email address.

Onsite Concerns

Site requires access.

If your site requires access, please inform the reception about engineer’s visit. The engineer will wait at the reception and will¬† access the site as per your guidance.

What if my engineer sees my personal data?

Some jobs may require access to your personal data on the device. The engineer will tell you if there is a risk of exposure to your personal data, but the data will never be copied to engineer’s personal device. If data transfer of any sort is required, that will be uploaded to an external device provided by the customer. If the customer does not have an external device, the data can be uploaded to any other source as directed by the customer. In such situations, the agreement made will be mentioned in the job sheet.

Report Engineer

Engineer asked cash for extra job

We are strictly against unrecorded jobs as we cannot provide you guarantee against data or license theft for those jobs. You may ignore the advise and go ahead with unrecorded job, but that will be at your own risk. At the end of each job, we email you the job sheet. Only work recorded in job sheet will be within the scope of claims, if any.

I want to report behaviour issues

At Duftar, we take behavioural issues very seriously. The engineers are trained not just on technical skills but also on customer management skills. Any issues related to language, communication, personality, cheating and bribery should be strictly reported to [email protected]

The engineer is not on site.

If the engineer is not on site, please email [email protected] quoting your booking number followed by engineer not on site in the subject line. The backend team will coordinate with the engineer and provide you with the update.