What are the major challenges faced by field services of the technology industry?

For the technical industry, it is a herculean task to deliver the optimum services to customers with their tight schedule. Unlike other industries, IT firms have to do a lot more to keep up with their tasks, ensuring customer satisfaction and harmonizing the processes of the firm to afloat the organisation’s reputation. Since most of the services provided by technicians include risks, so the firms also have to ensure the safety of their staff to meet the targets and eventually evolve a profitable organisation.

However, most of the IT firms have stated that they have to face a lot of challenges in running their organisation efficiently and in some cases, this has also resulted in lower profits. Here are some of the major challenges faced by field services of the technical industry:

Delivering what you have committed

When customers are paying for your service then obviously they want your service or product at the given time as well as the quality that you have promised to deliver. Thus, delivering what you have committed is one of the most important factors. But this is a problem with field services for the technicians because they might get late to reach at the customer’s location or with lots of customers, the work might get delayed. For a simple reason that these services are different than other industries and it takes skilled workers and detailed processing which creates problem to deliver their work in the fit schedule especially for small scale firms.

However, there are many online third party service providers which provide help for such firms to put down their load and lift up their efficiency. Such online software allows you to track the real-time location of the worker and also the workers can upgrade their work progress and other issues, if any, which makes it easier for the firms to effectively schedule their entire workforce and deliver what they have committed to the customers.

Synchronizing the accurate information from the field

 Another problem faced by the field engineer is to report accurate data to the operation managers in the office. The technology has developed a lot in the past few decades and today on field service providers use billing machines or electronic invoice system for the paperwork and payment, which can easily be used for reporting to the office but when it comes to field engineers, it gets a little complicated. They don’t just have to report the data of the billing invoice but many other things like product description, its technical status and sometimes if it’s related to any cloud and software service then it takes a little more work. With a lot of coded information and paperwork, it becomes difficult to synchronize the exact data and thus it hinders in coordinating with operation managers.

To get over such issues, firms can use software or device that directly captures the data from workforce’s and subsequently synchronizes it to the back-end system of the office. Thus, it eliminates the problem of mismanagement of data as well as gives accurate records of time, expenses and issues of that particular services provided to the customer.

Allocating the skilled worker at right places

When a customer calls for any kind of service then the firm has to send their technician to check the problem and how it can be solved because most of the customers can’t explain it over the phone or email as it only takes a professional technician to dig up the real issue. Thus, if the issue can’t be resolved by the technician then he has to report back to the firm and ask for further resources and help. This wastes a lot of time and even the availability of skilled workers. Not just in big scale but also in small-medium scale IT firms, there are not many highly skilled technicians so it is important that they should be allocated at right places and also with fix rate of services.

To eliminate the issue where which worker has to be sent, firms can use management software which allows the organisation to know where and what services are needed and they can also make good use of the features like skill based distribution of the task. Thus, if the organisation gets detailed information from the customers before time then they can use their resources as per the needs.

Maintaining your Business Process Management  

For the technical industries, it is important to keep up with their upgraded workforce and continuous feedback’s of the customers because the technology keeps changing as the firms have to maintain their procedures with contemporary technology. If not done properly, then it will directly affect the performance and profits of the firm, eventually dragging down the market of perfect completion.

IT firms can use the basic tools of business process management like SLA (Service Level Agreement) and KPI (Key Performance Indicator). These tools help in maintaining the real-time records of the services provided by their technicians as well as feedback from the customers. It also includes things like the number of calls received from the customers and how many of them provided services and their time. The accurate data of quick services increases the SLA of the firm. Maintaining all these data in real time eliminates the hassle of inquiring each and every detail from employees and customers.

Recognize the technological shift of reactive and proactive management

Another major problem that is being faced by many organisations in the IT industry is that they are not able to recognize that where they have to use proactive services and where they have to use the reactive services. “Proactive approach specifically focuses on the eliminating any issue even before it has any chance to occur while reactive approach is to work on any problem after it has occurred.” Although, the reactive services have set great benchmarks with the consequential solutions in recent times proactive services have gained a lot of popularity with their instinctive and pre-planned measures. However, if not used in a proper manner they might create issues. Disregard the trend, not every technical issue can be resolved with proactive solutions. Many technical support services make this mistake of leaving it all on the proactive measure.

So, for the better efficiency and convenience of the customers, firms should stick to traditional ways or they can also make use of better technology like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in which professionals can allocate their junior techs on the field and assist them with their skills and knowledge.


Even after a lot of headstrong and unyielding challenges, the overall IT sector is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world. If you want an integrated solution to troubleshoot all your problems then Duftar is the one who can help you. With the help of technological advancements and intellectual managerial skills, it has become possible for the service provider to attain a good state in the market.

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