Crowdsourcing for IT field services

Crowdsourcing is a term of the 21st century and this single term has made a lot of difference in marketing strategies as well as in lot of IT companies. Initially, it was just another strategy for the division of labor used in the advertisement processes but with time the techniques have evolved and they have made a huge difference. Now, you can easily say that crowdsourcing is the future of the businesses.

The crowdsourcing was initially more in the form of B2C market i.e. business to customer but with a lot of modification and changes in market trends, it is also being used today in B2B markets i.e. business to business market. The business to business crowdsourcing is a modern concept and in this an on-demand field service provider serves the client companies that are in business and need technical support and expertise. Therefore, companies crowdsource their services to the other companies so that they not only get help but they can also increase the efficiency of their originations as well as production. However, a less known fact is that as much as this futuristic b2b crowdsourcing is enhancing the companies’ productivity, a lot of challenges are also faced by the companies.

Challenges faced by crowdsourcing platforms

Crowdsourcing may sound like much of a problem solver which it actually is but implementation is not easy as its explanation. When implemented efficiently, crowdsourcing can provide a lot of benefits but to reach the goals, the companies have to face a lot of challenges like they are not able to get the needed skill set, get their validation and verification done, get to know about their personality and values that they will be able to connect with the customer or not, etc.

Here are some of the effective solutions to deal with these challenges.

 Verifying profile using alternate data –

When hiring through crowdsourcing, it is difficult to determine whether the hired individual or service is worth it. To overcome the problem, crowdsourcing companies can get the service providers verification done by checking alternate data like their driving licenses, criminal records or by hiring a professional to get the background check and verification done. This will rule out the chances of hiring individuals who are freshers or have been terminated from other companies due to their lousy behavior or any kind of fraud. This is not just to ensure better and safe services but also to ensure the reputation of the crowdsourcing companies.

Verifying the technical skills – crowdsourcing companies can select the service providers on the basis of their degrees, certificates, experience, diplomas and the ranking of the university from where they have graduated. Paying more emphasis on weightage education and experience will allow the crowdsourcing companies to pick the best from the crowd.

Paying attention to values

It is not necessary that a service provider with good technical skills is also ethical while delivering the services. Crowdsourcing companies must take account of human values. Asking their other social interests like association with any NGO, charity work, plantation etc. can do this. This will help in providing a high level of satisfaction making the service receiver to avail the services often.

Conduct competitions –

crowdsourcing companies can highlight the best talents by conducting several competitions for appreciating the efforts of the workforce. Small competitions like finding viruses in 30 minutes or designing a graphic in an hour can be held and the winner can be awarded. Such winners will be displayed on the crowdsourcing platforms. This recognition motivates the workforce to give their best and feel valued and also helps the service receiver to identify the best talents.

Incentivizing your workforce – To make sure the service providers are providing the best services, crowd sourcing companies can give incentives to the individuals in the form of enhanced commission when quality work is delivered. The companies can also reduce their commission charge for an individual if more and more happy customers are added to the account.

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