Crowdsourcing provides new definition to work as it is the way of acquiring the sufficient opportunistic services and ideas by entreating contributions of various community of people available on online platforms. Millennials love to connect and collaborate so as to generate set of positive circumstances. Crowdsourcing helped various companies in having a wild success by ensuring customer’s need.

Crowdsourcing with its Benefits

Crowdsourcing assists in gathering a larger pool of interested candidates and quickly separates the list of excellent candidates thereby providing chances to the connected people. These interactive and experiential opportunities improve brand loyalty amongst consumers. Diversity in ideas and versatility in work open the gates for more profit for emerging fields. A National Survey in U.K found that 34% of the U.K workforce was working as freelancers and they are happy with the time they are giving to their work. Freelancing has naturally led to a crowdsourcing trend, as the shift in the demand of contract work many companies stepped up to provide work from home like Upwork and OneSpace (online marketplace).

Crowdsourcing refined the quality of work at low cost. Time limitation made the task challenging but improved the productivity. The Freelancers are given options and they can have the projects of their choice and in return can enjoy what they do and can deliver passionate work while producing a higher quality output for the hiring individual or authority. The advantages of the crowdsourcing approach are marvellous, including wage arbitrage and access to an almost infinite resource pool. These progressive output benefits help the management to reduce risk in investment by making the allocation of work easier.

Crowdsourcing is becoming important method to raise funds for special projects. These project-based contract deals in an effective way with crowd sourcing. The continuous dedication and willingness to collaborate with contract based crowdsourcing projects assists in increase in productivity.

Mobile Working as an Asset

Mobile crowdsourcing allows anyone with a smartphone or tabs or portable laptops to do work in a creative and malleable way and replace the traditional idea of employment. Homemakers, youth, students and nomads are all segments that enjoy the earning through mobile crowdsourcing. This advance generation are particularly keen on gig working as they value benefits of overpay. The motives of millennial mobile workers are money, social contribution, fun, independence and enhancing creativity in society.

Shaping of Future Workforce through Crowdsourcing

Knowledge, experience and resources of crowd can be used for innovation and problem solving with the help of present technology. Hitech platforms extract passion, talent and skills by exploring through the depths of connectivity. The future of crowdsourcing is human centric and can succour to rethink and reinvent conventional processes. It has anticipated massive crowd participation which is now intensifying and heading toward mainstream. Crowd innovation, micro-tasking and co-creation aids at sharing economy at a faster rate.

Crowdsourcing Week (CSW) is the latest initiative which connects same type of minds together for global innovation for crowdsourcing practices. CSW is committed to help organizations transition through our worldwide conferences and summits, online educational programs, workshops and consultancy. Therefore, enhance adaptability and problem-solving skills.

The combination of crowdsourcing and machine learning ensures the opportunity to increase the scope of smart systems in interdisciplinary research but also helps in understanding the markets factors like the cause of popularity of a certain artificial intelligence system. The growth in crowdsourcing technologies have led to the platforms facilitating user-friendly task designs.

With development in the field of Artificial Intelligence and robotics technology, crowd sourcing is at good tipping point. In the present Scenario, robots can perform a slew of functions efficiently without considerable human brain effort. Automated technologies are also amplifying workforce capabilities significantly. Multiple industries, like banking, manufacturing is adopting artificial intelligence with increase in work rate safety, profitability, and quality.

The Tracking applications with crowd sourcing will help users to share information generated by GPS in their mobile devices with great ease. These data are brilliant source of planning information because they show paths and can provide real time information about the conditions. These applications can be developed for sustainable transport modes in future. Crowd Souring Apps will play a vital role in economic and social development.

In the upcoming era, it will be the new DNA of our society in both the digital and physical world. It will impact on the way that workers and organisations interact with each other, the way that businesses engage with their customers and partners, ultimately, the efficiency, work rate and miscellany of our economic world.

End Notes

The crowdsourcing ecosystem and the online population are growing at a fast pace and allowing businesses and public sector organisations to discover and develop good ideas for the welfare of the humanity in near future. The increase in the global gross domestic product (GDP) is also reported by connecting work opportunities with willing people. Therefore, providing job seekers with added flexibility and ability to switch more easily between jobs in future will make their contribution more fruitful with high quality results.

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