Automated Knowledge System : A Trusted Advisor

Automated Knowledge System : A Trusted Advisor With the rapid advancements in the technological world, the utility provided by automated knowledge systems has also increased exponentially. Though, these have been serving humans since years but now they have taken up a larger portion of work and help humans to get their work done by artificial Continue Reading

Personalised Services vs. Remote Services

Personalized Services vs. Remote Services One cannot stress enough on the fact that digital marketing is at its peak and it is nowhere seen to be deteriorating any sooner. In this digital era, the marketing techniques have undergone a drastic transformation and have made it easier for businesses to reach to their target audience at a Continue Reading

Knowledge Management Systems for training field engineer

Knowledge Management systems for training field engineer Knowledge management Creates, share the information, use the data and manages the knowledge and it helps to manage information of an organization.It requires a multidisciplinary scenario where organization needs and interests are made to use best out of the knowledge.The daily interaction of data in business grows tremendously. Continue Reading