Recycle 2.0 How Repair And Maintenance Reduce The Carbon Footprint

Recycle 2.0 How repair and maintenance reduce the carbon footprint Climate change is a huge international problem that needs immediate measures to be adopted by every world citizen. This problem is directly linked to carbon footprints associated with all kind of human-influenced activities.  The need of the hour is to reduce carbon footprints at every Continue Reading

If You Don’t Trust Cloud, What else can you trust

If you don’t trust cloud, what else can you trust? In the present data driven world, securing data or digital assets are given the highest priority. Data thieves are active everywhere and trying to hack any system continuously. In present generation of cloud which comes with the feature of anywhere anytime access plus unlimited storage Continue Reading

How To Create Magical Experience For Your Customers

How to create magical experience for your customers. Emotionally attached customers are considered as three times more likely to recommend a product to other and return to make another purchase. Only magical customer experience can bind the customer to any company or enterprise and make them to act as market influencer. As any industry expert Continue Reading

Race Between Humans And Automation, Who Will Win

Race between Humans and Automation, who will win? Technological advancement and rapid automation have raged a non-conclusive debate everywhere whether humans will be obsolete because of increasing automation. Rapid enhancement in field of artificial intelligence has further fanned the burning flame. Now, a large fraction of population is not considering “Technological Singularity” or “AI Takeover” Continue Reading

Is Mobile Worker The Future

Is mobile worker the future? The advent of internet has provided great deal of opportunity to people around the globe so that they can work right from their home. This facility brings great opportunity to people of various age groups, viz. students and housewives can get part-time jobs. Moreover, people can also increase their sources Continue Reading

Technology Without Knowledge Is Like A Website Without Content

The modernization, automation, technological advancements are those heavy terms that have pushed up a lot of industries in growing big and better. A lot of sectors today depend upon the modern technologies for their greater and better output and most these are commonly known as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and VI (Virtual Intelligence). These are like Continue Reading


In the present digital era, technological transformations have made a plenty of data accessible that can be optimized for better business performance. Data in turns generate vital information that enables to take smarter decision, to keep pace with emerging and fluctuating market trends, to analyze performance, to form strategies and even new ways for better Continue Reading