Virtual Reality

What is VR? Virtual Reality (VR) is the use of Computer technology for creating a simulated environment. A simulated environment is a modification in the actual environment or a computer-generated environment which more or less resembles the natural environment. It can be a three-dimensional graphics by a computer system using interactive Software and Hardware. The Continue Reading

Artificial Intelligence & the Future – Rise of AI

Artificial Intelligence & the Future – Rise of AI The Artificial Intelligence is the future of the world and it will drive the economy of tomorrow. This technique uses Fuzzy logic and Neural Network-based approaches. Neural Network is a biologically derived technique that has three layers in which; the first layer is the input layer Continue Reading

History of AR/VR

With the development in technology, everyone is looking out for a variety of options and newer forms of recreation. The application of a scientific approach for inventing new devices is increasing day by day. There have been many attempts in this sector. One such attempt was AR and VR which we come across oftentimes. The Continue Reading

How Technology is evolving for driverless mobility??

With greater prosperity and improved life experiences of the people positive investments were made for the development of driverless mobility with present technology. The world is a place full of diversity and complexity which must be understood as per the needs of the today’s generation. Many engineers and scientists are passionate to make a difference Continue Reading

Android vs iOS

The great duopoly of mobile operating software by Android and iOS is known as well as used worldwide. There are very fewer chances that you will see any smartphone with any other operating software than these two. There is other reliable mobile operating software like Windows, BlackBerry, etc. but people prefer Android and iOS more. Continue Reading

How Much Money Does An IT Technician Make?

How much money does an IT Technician make?   IT or Information Technology is the fastest growing industry in the modern era. The ever evolving nature of this industry is highly complicated but companies provide good compensation for the work. There are a variety of jobs in this sector based on your individual skills. IT Continue Reading

How To Secure Your PC From Hacks

How to secure your PC from hacks? Internet has connected the world, but it can be a scary place too. In the present data-driven world, hackers are continuously developing new tricks and tools to attack any PC or system for stealing data. These data can be further used for many purposes depending upon their types. Continue Reading

How Can I Switch To IT Role

How can I switch to IT role?  Nowadays, IT industry is considered as one of the most booming industries and creating good employment opportunities in different categories. If you are from non-IT sector field and considering transitioning your job role then IT sector is the best option as it is not just limited to web Continue Reading


In the present digital era, technological transformations have made a plenty of data accessible that can be optimized for better business performance. Data in turns generate vital information that enables to take smarter decision, to keep pace with emerging and fluctuating market trends, to analyze performance, to form strategies and even new ways for better Continue Reading

Will Data Cleaning Be a New Sector For Tech Companies

It won’t be an exaggeration to term data as soul of present technological world. Increased use of technology creates a massive amount of data from various sources viz. Cloud, web, mobile, IoT and others. These data contains vital information that can be used for various purposes including but not limited to generating business insights, formation Continue Reading