Artificial Intelligence & the Future – Rise of AI

The Artificial Intelligence is the future of the world and it will drive the economy of tomorrow. This technique uses Fuzzy logic and Neural Network-based approaches. Neural Network is a biologically derived technique that has three layers in which; the first layer is the input layer second in the hidden layer and the third layer is the output layer. The number of each layer can be varied. Today, it is only designed to perform small tasks like facial recognition, internet searches, driving a car. However, the long-term goal of developers is to create strong AI as it has a wide scope in many fields. This technology if embraced properly will take humanity to other levels of existence which are future generation will adore and relish forever.

How artificial intelligence fascinates the young generation?

Google with the best of minds is working in improving the artificial intelligent software. It is efficient as valuable outcomes will be presented in front of each individual according to their interests. It is fascinating to know one day there will be robots everywhere and science will all work like farming and providing goods and services. It can make possible to have clean, renewable and cheap energy in the future.

What are the advantages of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

The general AI is looking forward to outperforming humans at nearly every cognitive task. It inspires research in many areas of science, medicines, economics, security technical control, and verification. This superpower might assist us in eradicating war, disease, and poverty. The super-intelligent technology can do wonders if utilized properly.AIs will work for health assensors in the future home will constantly test your breath for early signs of cancer and avoid strokesor attacks with nanotechnology. A medical assistant for 24 hours will be provided which will monitor the immune responses and nutrients required by the body.

Why Artificial Intelligence (AI) safety is also important?

The interest in AI safety has increased due to various concerns like what if this artificial mind took over humans and earth both after being so powerful. AI is human behavior-oriented with an artificially designed progressive and analytic feature.The high tech AI software is aspired to have quick and accurate decision-making power.  Science fiction has always motivated humans to have strong AI. The AI projects having a safe and secure strategy must be used and allowed by the authority.

What are the various myths about Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

The most popular myth is that it is evil as humans are getting influenced by more use of mobile phones. The technology can become conscious which is insane. It is also believed that superintelligence is inevitable by 2100 but experts simply disagree as it is unknown. There is also a misconception that the rise of robots can destroy mankind.

What are the principles that can help in creating safer Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

The technology must be given the intelligence of purpose which is desired to be fulfilled. The human-compatible AI must assure that the robot’s objective is to increase the realization of human values. Artificial Intelligence will gather knowledge from human behavior as it provides information about human values.

Artificial Intelligence will no doubt have a maximum impact on the world. It will fill our lives with more useful and smarter machines. It will change society, the economy, lifestyle and the overall outlook of the industries. The transition will take time to accept but it will surely allow opportunities to harness the massive positivity for the greater good. AI revolution has the potential to change all over the dynamics of the world.

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