In today’s growing businesses and competition among companies, there is always a need to invest in technology which will help in increasing the productivity of a company.

Every company’s strategy and its requirements are different which are based on their budgets.

What is Multi-Vendor Support Approach in IT

Multi-Vendor services help organizations by providing support services to more than one product by only one vendor. They help to provide multiple vendors with their own products and manufacturers.A lot of reasons that today’s organisations are working with multi vendors. Companies get latest innovation and get help towards the expertise.Having Multi-vendor management ensures that all the vendors are managed properly.All the IT Decision leaders ensure that their organization needs have been solved by these support providers.

Most of these leaders want to have better implementation under multiple strategy scenario. They always have a choice between multiple or single theory approach. Choosing the right solution for their organization is very complicated.Managing multiple contracts and different levels of service and their support functions through multiple partners can create an expensive, inefficient and confusing environment.Many organizations want to have a more customized approach towards choosing the strategy.

They have to make a decision towards whether they want to use a single vendor approach or multiple vendors. As technology is growing every day. Companies try to decide what is best for them and also they see differences between single vendor and multiple vendor approach.For an IT leader, it is one of the most difficult decisions to make a choice between a product or solution when they are implementing new infrastructure. This decision comes down to the vendor of the product.

Single-vendor approach is good for a small organization that does not need very high requirements for their IT network.Companies with a single vendor approach do not have to worry about working with multiple vendors.But for bigger companies, multiple vendor approach is needed to cater to their needs and specifications. A single vendor cannot help them to fulfill their particular need and cannot customize a solution. But having multiple vendors can help IT professionals with the ease of convenience.

Sometimes a company may have a lot of work needs that only experts can help and can provide a solution to it.Solutions which can be only provided with expertise by multiple vendor approach than those offered by single vendors.A multi-vendor network environment may use different products in comparison to a single vendor network environment.

These Multi-vendor strategies are not made only for big organizations but also for small enterprises. Any company which is on growth module can use this technology of multiple vendor approach. This strategy helps to bring cost effective with different skills to the companies.

There are many advantages of having a multi-vendor environment over a single vendor in IT contracts:

  • Choose best out of all

    Since we are using multi-vendor products, we can choose the best product out of many and their best features which suit our requirement. In this case, we don’t have to settle for one product. We have more technology choices.

  • Cost of switching

    When we have decided upon our choice of product or vendor, we always have the option to change that product to another vendor’s product. This cost switching will help in changing processes.

    As a customer, we have more options with us which all vendors know.

  • Always exciting and never boring

    When we are using a Multi-Vendor environment is always exciting and never boring. IT people are exposed to a variety of products and technologies and there is always something new to learn.

  • Risk Factor

    There is less risk in the multi-vendor environment as if there is anything that changes we always have an option to change to other product which is not in the case of a single vendor environment.We can afford to have many vendors without compromising on the support.

  • Drives up competition

    When we are looking for different, we have many factors to choose our supplier. Suppliers are always looking to give the best deal so that they can get business from us. There is always competition between other suppliers and they try to win this competition while offering lower rates. Which helps us to have a win-win situation.

  • Best Expertise

    Through Multi-vendor support, we can get the best expertise on multiple related projects.

  • More and better upgrades

    Since we are using multi-vendor support we get an option to get all latest updates on the same.

  • Support quality

    Once a supplier gets a client to be ‘locked in’, there is little responsibility to provide superior levels of service. These chosen vendors feel more powerful to another supplier. And since this particular vendor was chosen, they feel more responsible to deliver quality to the user.

There are many benefits to have a multi-vendor environment in organizations. There are many companies which do not want a single vendor because there is always the fear of having only one vendor for the company. With a single vendor there is always a risk attached, some hidden costs available, quality issues and there is no choice between different vendors. That’s why these days mostly all organizations prefer to have multi-vendor support because it has a lower risk.

Also, when the company has new assignments coming up in the future or any new launches of the company product, they do need extra help and manpower to support the vendors.Companies have many departments which always prefer to deal with multiple vendors.

Organizations opt for multi-vendor services as they do not want a single vendor strategy. They have fear regarding single vendor arrangement. There are certain issues with an opting single arrangement like service quality, hidden costs, and transparency.Any successful and growth-oriented business would want to opt for a multi-vendor environment.

With new businesses necessity coming up regarding better technology, they need multi-vendor strategy for new platform, setups, and updates.

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